Comic Review: StarCraft: Soldiers #1

StarCraft: Soldiers #1

Dark Horse

Writers: Jody Houser & Andrew R. Robinson

Art: Miguel Sepulveda

I’ve always steered clear of comic books based on video games. Typically I read original work that focuses on complex relationships in fantastical or science fiction worlds. However, I thought I’d take a shot on StarCraft: Soldiers, having grown up playing the original video game. Sadly, all my fears of video game/comic book crossover contrivances are true in Starcraft: Soldiers #1.

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Comic Review: Isola #6

Isola #6

Image Comics

Writer: Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl

Artist: Karl Kerschl and MSassyK

Isola is back for the new year with issue 6, which picks up right where chapter one left off. Queen Olwyn is a luminescent tiger, once again, #5 has been more than a dream but perhaps less than objective reality. Readers can’t help but wonder how much magic is involved compared to the character’s own psyche–and #6 is no different.

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Best of 2018: by Alex Clark-McGlenn


Comic Books


Series of the Year: Isola

Isola #1

Isola gets a ton of acclaim. It’s not an accident. Brendan Fletcher (creator, writer) and Karl Kerschl (creator, writer, artist) have struck a chord with a piece that is adventurous, ambiguous, and moving all at once. As seems to be protocol at Image Comics these days, they’ve found another fantastic story. The first chapter of the series, 1-5, is over, but Isola is slated for a much-anticipated return in mid-January 2019. Readers are hoping for some flesh on the bones of a fantastical world we’ve barely come to know. It will be exciting to see how expansive the world, plot, and cast of characters becomes when this hit series continues.

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