Comic Review: Outpost Zero #7

Outpost Zero #7

Image Comics

Writer: Sean McKeever

Artist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu & Alexandre Tefenkgi

Outpost Zero is one of those comics that I’d see on the shelf each month, and the cover would intrigue me. However, the fact that it focuses on a more YA audience stalled my hand when push came to shove. This week, though, I finally took the plunge and caught up on all seven issues. The result: a pleasant surprise.

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Comic Review: StarCraft: Soldiers #1

StarCraft: Soldiers #1

Dark Horse

Writers: Jody Houser & Andrew R. Robinson

Art: Miguel Sepulveda

I’ve always steered clear of comic books based on video games. Typically I read original work that focuses on complex relationships in fantastical or science fiction worlds. However, I thought I’d take a shot on StarCraft: Soldiers, having grown up playing the original video game. Sadly, all my fears of video game/comic book crossover contrivances are true in Starcraft: Soldiers #1.

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Comic Review: Isola #6

Isola #6

Image Comics

Writer: Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl

Artist: Karl Kerschl and MSassyK

Isola is back for the new year with issue 6, which picks up right where chapter one left off. Queen Olwyn is a luminescent tiger, once again, #5 has been more than a dream but perhaps less than objective reality. Readers can’t help but wonder how much magic is involved compared to the character’s own psyche–and #6 is no different.

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