Community Spotlight: DWB D&D Discord

D&D is a relatively new passion of mine. I listen to people talk about the campaigns that they ran during the 2nd Edition with admiration. Why didn’t I come to this game earlier? Mainly, because I just didn’t know people who could teach me, and those sourcebooks are daunting. Spurred on by my interest in the game I discovered the DWB D&D Discord server, an extensive community of D&D players who are always up for a good adventure. Here’s what you should know about this community.

What It Is:

In the simplest terms possible, the DWB D&D Discord server is a community of people who play D&D online via the virtual tabletop (VTT) website Roll20. Playstyles vary from Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League (AL) to weekly homebrew sessions and even Play-By-Post text campaigns. The proprietor of this community goes by the gamer tag DaddyWarbux, hence DWB D&D. And For DaddyWarbux this goes back years and the online community he has created is a natural progression of his love of tabletop gaming, but also something more. “I got into streaming for Extra Life which is a charity event for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals,” he says via a Discord call. Extra Life is a platform for gamers to live-stream on Twitch as a charitable act. “That’s how the [DWB D&D] community really started. A small stream, dedicated to raising money for children’s hospitals.” While the server has grown into a community more focused on the shared interest of D&D, Extra Life, as well as other charities, are still a focus of the DaddyWarbux twitch channel.

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Torm, The Righteous

Torm, The Righteous:

~A prayer by Narida Loyalscale~

Torm, The Righteous

Guide my strike,

Lead me to protect those that might

Not have the strength

To lift their hands

To vanquish foes across the land.

Torm, The Righteous

Stay my strike

Guide me to see through the shadows at night.

Speak your words

Unto my ear

Let me judge those for whom judgment is near.


Oh, Lady of Spells

I’ve been playing some D&D via the Roll20 virtual tabletop. It’s a wonderful way to be social and connect with people right now. I think it helps everyone relax and escape for a few (or several hours). Escapism gets a bad name, but I think it’s essential to human happiness. After all, aren’t sports an escape from the monotony of everyday life? Doesn’t the US pause everything on Sundays during Football season to not worry about anything but their fantasy teams? In Europe and most other places in the world, Soccer plays a similar role. Sports are a reason to be passionate and excited. To hoop and holler for something that is otherwise meaningless. D&D is much the same. We laugh and care about a shared story. We pretend we are Gnomes and Elves and Dragonborn mages. Our DM tells us people need the help of mighty and brave adventurers. Isn’t that what everyone wants? For others to need them? Don’t the athletes on sports fields feed off the crowd? Without the crowd would sports matter in the slightest? Of course not. The difference being, I suppose, that D&D between socially inclined nerds needs observation, for players are the participants and the audience.

In this spirit, I thought it would be fun to write out some prayers to the god my character, Vilda Hoindidde, follows–Mystra, the Goddess of all magic. As Vilda is horribly cheesy, so too are her prayers. I’ll likely showcase this in our next session.


A Call For the Favor of Mystra

Mother, mother, mother of mysteries

Please take my prayers as humble inquiries.

Don’t shield my eyes from the knowledge of history,

All I desire is a series of victories!