If I don’t know the person you are and you don’t know the person I am

If leaves from branches fall between us

At our feet,

In the yard built for both of us, but always our constant battleground

Then how were we suppose to meet

In any other circumstance?


In spring mornings we’d go out to the Tough Grounds

With fists of mud we’d pound

each other

Not knowing why we dunked each other,

not knowing why we cursed our fathers

yet defended them from one another.


Instead of summer brunches

We fired BBs in bunches.

Remember when you caught that one

In your hand

in your hand in front of your eye

and we both began to cry?


We tasted that autumnal crisp

and if only leaves could have cut your wrists

I would have been the victor,

would have been the king

but like all small things It would have shamed me

with the blame.


It never snowed in winter, we never got that delight

And instead we capered around in the mud

With our faces

And toes

contracting the cold like



Then the spring came again.


And you were not my enemy.

Instead your hair was golden,

Your lips an interest to me.

I knew who were then,

and I think you knew me to.

If you know the person I am and I know the person you are

and if leaves from branches fall between us

We can make this home forever.