5/18/15 We’re Back

Forming or reforming habit is among the most difficult things to do. For the first time in nearly a year I took off more than a couple days of freewriting. It has been 5 days since my last entry and this morning is shaping up to be a doozey. My eyes droop, my back hurts, my mind is reluctant to let the words flow. Something is blocking me from productivity. It’s tension in my neck. And perhaps if I just make a small bit of room for myself in my day to just do nothing, to just let go of all the things I feel like I need to do things will fall into place.

Yesterday I discovered Headspace, a small awareness and meditation app. The creator of the app has a nice TED Talk where he discusses how much time we spend lost in thought: 46%. Nearly half of our lives. Now, I’m not sure how you can quantify the way your mind works or doesn’t work. I’ve often noticed while writing I will take breaks between paragraphs to do something completely unrelated. Watch two or three minutes of sports highlights or read a small articles about Space X. Then when I turn back to the page I know exactly where I am going. As if my mind just needed to focus on something else before delving back into some critical thinking.

With Headspace it introduces you to some very basic concepts of meditation. I’m not a guru, but I’ve certainly meditated enough to know and understand the benefits. So for me, Headspace is a fun tool to keep me in the habit of meditating each day before I start my day–even before I have my coffee. It’s a useful service, one I’m excited to have discovered.