Jan 21st, 2018, The Nameless City by H.P. Lovecraft, The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft

Yes. Finally, we are onto an HPL story that is not about Herbert West. However, this is still an introduction to yet another aspect of HPL’s fictional universe. The Nameless City is the first story by HPL that introduces the idea of the Necronomicon, though not by name. It also is the first to name, and describe the Elder Race. A race of alien-like creatures that existed before humans did, and have left no trace other than the nameless city behind.

My takeaways from this piece are the parallels I can form in my own novel (WIP). I too have ruined or abandoned buildings in my piece, and I also have a portal to another world. My novel deals specifically with the spring of immortality, as does some of this story as well.

The narrator journeys deep into The Nameless City, though what he is looking for I wasn’t completely sure. He hikes so far down into this strange cavern that his torch goes out and he discovers a metal gate leading to a blinding fog. As is a recurring scene in HPL’s work, the narrator is beset by images and things he cannot process or explain. It has become rather wearisome, as all HPL’s narrators (which is pretty much just HPL) fall victim to the cop out of lines like, “What I experienced is too ghastly to be described. No. I shall not recount the horrors.” This was the first story that it really irked me. I had this thought of, Dude, I want the horrors! Tell me about them.


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